Attention Nursing Graduation Planners!

Stress less and create a beautiful nursing graduation ceremony without breaking the bank.

Here's a great deal to get Free Shipping  and quantity discounts on your class or school graduation order.  Buy 50+ Nursing lamps and 50+ Pins TOGETHER and Get Free Shipping.  

What's in it for my class?
  1. A wide selection of both lamps and pins for most all medical professions.
  2. Great quantity discounts on the lamps. (less than any Book Store )
  3. You get great quantity discounts on your graduation pins (at up to 80% less than using an over-priced School Ring Company)
  4. By shipping as a group order, you continue to save hundreds just in shipping from students buying individually for the same event.
  5. Our experienced Graduation Consultants have worked on hundreds of nursing and allied health graduations. They can walk you through the process, provide great ideas and keep you on track to meet your deadlines and goals.
  6. Smiles from the Graduates - Free of Charge!

  7. EXTRA Bonus for the "Student Organizer" of the Ceremony: send us nice digital pictures of your graduation ceremony using the our lamps, pins, nursing caps etc. and we have an exclusive gift - just for you,


Step One

custom nursing graduation lampSelect a Lamp: we have many basic lamps to choose from, both with candles and LED flameless lights to meet fire codes. Some graduation lamps can even be customized with school logos, student names and much more (Minimums do apply). We give you the maximum amount of choice and options to fit your budget. 

Step Two

Select your Pins - Stock or Custom?:
With over 100 beautiful stock pins to choose from and large quantities in stock year-round, we have become the best choice for nursing and allied health graduations.
We also understand that some graduates may ask for a different style pin than the rest of the class so we can mix our available stock pins to meet your needs.

Unlike School Ring Sales people that ask $60-80 for a custom Nursing pin, we are also happy to make custom pins for your school or program (100 pin minimum) at prices close to our stock pins - call and ask for the details. P.S. Please be nice when you send that School Ring Salesperson packing - you've found a better way to spend your money!

Step Three

Submit your Order:  Just place your Package order about one and half months (6-8 is perfect) before the big day. Prepay with a credit card, PayPal or mark your order prepaid and send a check or money order in to us with time to spare. Your order actually starts once payment is received, so get the payment in immediately to avoid disappointment.  We will confirm your order to gain all the savings.


Example of Savings

nursing graduation lamp50 each HJ-M2 Nursing Graduation Lamps Reg.  $16.95 each Our Price $12.25 *Plain with LED flicker lights
50 each PM1021 Registered Nurse Pin Reg.  $12.95 each  Our Price $6.75SAVING $310
Ground Shipping Across the Country (currently) from Virginia to California UPS $64.89
SAVING $64.89

 Savings compared to our toughest competitors.


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